There are over six million Arab Americans in North America that have been historically underserved and ignored for many years. In a society such as ours where information transfer and services have become a necessity for everyday life, the need for a company whose sole purpose is to deliver products and services to ethnic markets have never been greater.

Reach Media has established itself to be the leading marketer of products and services to various ethnic communities across North America. By marketing and distributing top tier foreign language TV channels on various platforms, Reach Media has developed a valuable bond with the communities it serves. That bond has evolved to the ability to market various different products to a desirable consumer base.

With its ongoing full service relationship with all the channels it distributes, Reach Media is not only an advertising agency to book ads with; it is the official representatives of the channels in North America.

Reach Media is well poised today to help any company launch a product, offer it, market it, develop it, and distribute it in the ethnic communities it serves, using various tools and techniques acquired over the years.

The major benefits for the companies who choose to advertise with our channels include:

1.       1. One stop shop for all ethnic marketing needs.

2.       Very targeted approach to specific niche markets.

3.       Deep understanding and sensitivity to cultural difference.

4.       National scope with local representation.

5.       Flexibility in integrating advertising, promotion, sponsorship and direct marketing.

6.       Proven track record. 


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