Reach Media Inc. is the leading Arabic content provider in North America, with over 30 channels that broadcast on major media platforms that include Satellite, Cable, and IPTV. We are a part of the Arab Radio & Television Group (ART), which is the largest producer and distributor of Arabic entertainment multimedia worldwide. We are constantly striving towards maintaining our position as the most trusted media provider for Arab consumers & businesses across the North American continent.


1 – What is the relationship between Reach Media and Dish Network?

Reach Media works alongside DISH Network to provide you with the highest quality of Arabic Entertainment. Reach Media owns most of the Arabic channels but manages all of them in North America. DISH Network is the company that provides the channels to our viewers. Their satellites along with their receivers help bring your favorite channels into your home, but without us those channels wouldn’t be available in the United States. 


2 - I would like to go ahead and purchase this package. What do I need to do?

Choose a package that fits you and once you decide which package you want call Reach Media’s Customer Service @(1-888-458-1278) to make an order that is best suited for you. We will help accommodate all the rooms in your home. For more information call Reach Media’s Customer Service @ (1-888-458-1278).


3 - What Orbital location should the dish be pointed to?

 For All New Subscribers, The Satellite Dish should be pointed towards signal 118.7° in order to receive the Arabic programming. Along with 118.7° you will also need the 110° or 119° to download the software. Your installer should be able to acquire the proper signal for you upon installation.


4 - Why is the EPG different from the actual programs showing?

 Most of the channel Grids arrive either late or they change at the last minute. DISH Network requires at least 3-5 business days to update the EPG in case of any last minute changes. The EPG mistakes are common on any TV Station, but a little bit more on the Arabic Channels. We are working on fixing the EPG mistakes as much as we can.


5 - Can you tell me about your advertising packages?

 Reach Media Inc. offers the best and most competitive price packages for advertising. Whether small, medium or large business, there is definitely an advertising package for you. Please contact the closest Reach Media regional office in New York, Michigan, and Montreal. We have advertising specialists who will help you to the best suited media plan for your advertising needs. (1-888-458-1278)


6 - I am going back home for a long visit, can I place a pause on my account?

 Placing a freeze on an account is quite common and easy. You can call us at 1-888-458-1278 and ask for your account to be paused.


7 - If my receiver is not working, what should I do? 

If you are having trouble with the receiver or service, we would be more than happy to help you resolve the problem. You can call us here at Reach Media: 1-888-458-1278 for help.



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